Wine grows on the vine but it is in the wine cellar that it becomes the noble and proud champion of nature.

Licinia’s wine cellar is a fascinating place. It is where ancient practices marry the most modern and efficient winemaking technology and is carried out by hand from start to finish. Professionalism and experience are both fundamentally important when making and refining wines. The entire process right from the start and up to the bottling of the wine, follows strict quality control and is certified organic.

Firstly at the grape harvest, we start with three grape selections by hand to ensure that only the best are turned into wine. The first selection takes place at the vine while gathering the fruit. The other two selections are necessary for choosing the bunches and after the destemming, single grapes that are not up to our high standards are then removed.

Red and white wine making takes place at a controlled temperature and the fermentation process is carried out without the use of external substances, instead we use natural methods such as temperature and gravity. Finally the wine is left to age in 500 litre casks, with red and white wine being left for different durations. This process completes the magical transformation of grapes into wine. The winemaker’s objective is to obtain a unique wine of its type, that represents the wine estate’s environment and expresses  both the grapes’ most beautiful characteristics, as well as its innovative ageing process. In this way, the beautiful taste of the very best of nature’s fruits becomes harmonised with the perfume from the French durmast barrels that encase the wine in an elegant fashion.