Mother Earth generates an energy that, if managed properly, bears wondrous fruit.

The majority of the work carried out in Licinia is undertaken by hand by highly skilled and specialised workers. This process guarantees the highest level of quality even in the most delicate and difficult of tasks. Knowledge and methodological rigour allows us to protect the wellbeing of the vines; safeguarding both the health and productivity of these plants as well as the soil and surrounding area. Our agricultural decisions are connected to the current climate trends. The process is orientated towards obtaining the highest levels of quality while also taking into account the variables that each year brings. In this way, our natural and rigorous methods prevent any disease from affecting the crops. Licinia puts enormous efforts into obtaining fruit that is of the highest quality, rejecting any product that does not match their high standards.

Licinia has a total of 60 hectares of land starting from the far south of the hilly areas of Palazzuolo – Poggio alle Querce – Poggio Calcione Vecchio, reaching heights of 1150 – 1345 feet above sea level, and are all south facing. The largest part of the forest that almost completely surrounds the crops is on the northern side of the winery. The vineyards are on the southern and western side, while the olive groves are mainly found on the eastern side, between the Meleto Farmhouse and the wine cellar.

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